Our Services

Plumbing Services

We offer a full range of plumbing services. Some of our more common requests include:

  • Installation of toilets, faucets & fixtures
  • Water line repair & replacement on slab or crawl space
  • Garbage disposal installation & service
  • Hot Water Heater service & installation
  • Water Fountain installation

Drain Services

Problems with your sewer lines can cause tremendous stress. We can tackle any problem including:

  • Drain cleaning and repair
  • Camera inspection for sewer lines capable of scoping a 2″ line
  • Root extraction cleaning
  • Sump Pump installation and service
  • And much more…

Preventative Maintenance

Professional Sewer and Drain, LLC is very familiar with different types of drain systems and understands that all have their different types of challenges. Single family homes with their one pipe going into the home differ than condominiums and hotel rooms having a main line coming into the building and then branching out. It is important to understand the dynamics of these branching pipes to effectively diagnosis and repair any problem. By troubleshooting a variety of possibilities the plumber is able to accurately determine the best way to conquer any plumbing condition.

Preventative Maintenance is the key to saving thousands of dollars down the road as water leaks can add 20-50% more to hotel utility costs. They can also cause damage to the floors, the walls, furnishings and can keep rooms unavailable while repairs are being made. Just as people age, buildings also suffer the effects of aging. Older buildings have special needs. Out dated piping such as Qest can be replaced quickly and efficiently with quality piping that is code compliant.

Everyone has heard of the 80/20 rule. This rule comes into play in regard to maintenance by saying 80% of your maintenance duties should be proactive and only 20% should be emergencies. This is true because unplanned maintenance is more expensive than preventative maintenance. By performing preventative maintenance you could possible save thousands in repairs down the road. Now, that is not to say that emergencies don’t happen. When they do you need to be prepared. Having a Master plumber on call will insure that you are getting quality service no matter what the problem is or what time of the day or night. By being ready and having a preventative maintenance plan in practice you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary money spent and unnecessary stress by preventing more emergencies and down time.