About PSD

Professional Sewer and Drain is a full service plumbing company with over 26 years’ experience in the plumbing field. Specializing in the repair and maintenance of the plumbing systems in single-family homes, condominium/townhouse units and commercial businesses; Professional Sewer and Drain is qualified to handle any residential or commercial plumbing service request from simple fixtures repair/replacement to repair/replacement of main sewer and/or water lines. With a Master Plumber on call you are getting the knowledge and expertise required to handle any plumbing situation. Professional Sewer and Drain is fully insured and fully licensed. Be sure to check out our upcoming blog.

Honesty, integrity and excellent customer service are core values of Professional Sewer and Drain. A professional work ethic and a strong belief in providing quality service will insure every job no matter how big or how small will be completed quickly, correctly and effectively the first time. Meeting every service call with an enthusiastic determination and attention to detail prevents costly call-backs and allows the client to concentrate on other more important aspects of their lives.

By using the most up-to-date technology such as the Rigid See-Snake Sewer Line Camera our plumbers are able to provide additional documentation so that you can see exactly where the problem in the line is. Whether due to corrosion, root infiltration or breaking due to ground settlement, a break in the sewer line can be a costly repair. By using the camera the plumber is able to show exactly where the break is and repair it quickly and effectively the first time. Two different size sewer machines allow for expedient solutions to almost any problem.

Numerous years of experience and knowledge give our plumbers the edge to tackle any job. By being available when you need us you have the convenience of scheduling a project or the ability to get assistance immediately with our 24-hour emergency/ on-call service. Completing the job in a timely manner means there is no down-time or lag in completion allowing the client to move on to other projects.

Bj Buchanan

BJ Buchanan

Master Plumber


I began plumbing in 1985 and received my Master’s License in 2004. It is because I enjoy meeting new people and doing all of the different aspects of plumbing that has kept me doing it for the last 26 years.

Dena Buchanan

Dena Buchanan

Manager of Administration and Marketing


I enjoy the interaction with our customers. When you email the company you will get a response in a timely manner. We are a family-owned business with corporate experience to ensure your repeat business. Your referral to others is our goal.